What is ES Partners?

We free innovation from risk.

ES Partners is a behavioral research and clinical data science firm. We use experiments and artificial intelligence to modify (not just predict) human behavior — we get more people to do what you need them to do.


Risk kills innovation. And companies that don’t innovate die.

But we also know there is a problem with being innovative. It’s risky: you’re almost always wrong when you try something new.


There’s a way to eliminate your risk and be right when you try something new: run an experiment. That’s what the most innovative businesses do all the time. Because they have to.

A culture of innovation requires confidence, and we provide confidence by looking into alternate futures with the tool of clinical trials — randomized-controlled experiments.


We have the deepest and broadest expertise in running experiments of any consulting firm on this planet or any other.

But we’re also more than just a method. We know a lot about humans—and how they behave—after observing so many and running so many experiments for other clients. Humans—your customers and employees.

What would you try today if you couldn’t fail? How would you innovate if you knew the end result would always be a positive ROI? Let us help you try something new today.

Adam Schaeffer

Adam Schaeffer is managing partner of ES Partners. He is consumed by an itch to understand what makes people tick, why they think and do the things they do. Adam has spent the last ten years running sophisticated experiments in the field and in the “lab” to maximize the impact of advertising and optimize messaging tactics.

Adam has a passion for designing experiments that go beyond mundane A/B testing. He helps clients discover not just what works, but why it works, and that understanding provides hugely valuable strategic advantages.

Adam received his PhD from the University of Virginia in political psychology. His dissertation assessed how different combinations of school choice policies and messages can expand and mobilize elite and mass support. He received his M.A. in Social Science from the University of Chicago, where his thesis integrated aspects of evolutionary theory and psychology with political theory and strategy. His academic research and teaching centered around social psychology and human behavior, and this emphasis continues to animate his applied research.

Adam considers himself akin to a research biologist who happens to have the great privilege of studying the behavior of the most complex and fascinating animal on the planet; Homo sapiens.

Alexander Oliver

Alex is a partner at ES Partners. He tends to be a bit preoccupied — the others might say borderline obsessed — with precision and details: from the exotic ink in his fountain pen to managing public opinion during wars and natural disasters. Over the last seven years in both academic and private sector contexts, he’s executed survey and field experiments to gain global strategic insights about how people think and act during crises—from political campaigns to combat missions abroad—and how to respond to them.

Alex co-authored the definitive review article on the politics of disaster relief for the forthcoming Emerging Trends project, which New York Times bestselling author and neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin has called “an indispensable reference work for the 21st century” and the director of the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science Gary King has called an “unconventional guide to the future.” He’s held faculty positions at Brandeis University and Boston University where he taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in the use of force abroad, public opinion, voter behavior, congressional behavior, and campaign strategy.

His research has been presented at both national and international conferences. Alex received his PhD from Boston University in quantitative methods and public opinion. He received his MA in economics from Tufts University, where he received the department’s most prestigious endowed scholarship, and his BA in mathematics and economics from Merrimack College.

Brock C. Akers

Brock Akers is an attorney specializing in personal injury litigation at The Akers Firm, and a legal products advisor to ES Partners. Brock has tried to verdict over 350 lawsuits, including a wide range of subject areas. Few lawyers in the country have been as active and successful at the courthouse as Mr. Akers in the past four decades.

Brock has been listed in each edition of The Best Lawyers in America® since 1999, rated an "AV Preeminent" attorney by the Martindale-Hubbell rating service, and ranked by AVVO, a peer rating service of lawyers as “Superb,” with a perfect 10 rating. 

Brock is the principle author of The Trial Lawyer Series of books published by Knowles Publishing, a multi-volume set of instructional books for civil trial lawyers.

The ES Network

ES Partners taps a broad network of academics with a range of specialized skills and domain expertise – experimental designs, political behavior/psychology, statistics, etc. – across disciplines such as political science, psychology, economics, marketing, statistics and computer science. Every project is unique, and we bring the best set of people and skills together for each engagement.